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Epidemiol Health : Epidemiology and Health


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Principles of transparency and best practice of scholarly publishing

Sixteen check list of compliance of the journal to the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing published 15 January 2018 (joint statement by COPE, DOAJ, WAME, and ASPA; ( was as follows:

No. Item Subitems Corresponding URL, or content
1 Website Website URL
Aims & scope statement
Authorship criteria
ISSN eISSN:2092-7193
2 Name of journal   Epidemiology and Health
3 Peer review process
Method of peer review Double blind peer review
4 Ownership and management
5 Governing body Editorial boards
6 Editorial team/contact information
7 Copyright and Licensing
8 Author fees
9 Process for identification of and dealing with allegations of research misconduct Step to prevent research misconduct
COPE's guideline
10 Publication ethics Authorship and contributor-ship
Complaints and appeal
Conflicts of interest
Ethical oversight (research ethics, informed consent, IRB)
Intellectual property
Postpublication discussions
11 Publishing schedule   Annual
12 Access
13 Archiving
14 Revenue sources   Korean Society of Epidemiology and Korea Government’s support
15 Advertising   epiH does not accept any commercial product advertisements until policy changes otherwise.
16 Direct marketing   Journal website( and Korean Society of Epidemiology’s blog (

COPE, Committee on Publication Ethics; DOAJ, Directory of Open Access Journals; WAME, World Association of Medical Editors; OASPA, Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association; IRB, institutional review board.

Epidemiol Health : Epidemiology and Health