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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1980;2(1): 111-134.
보건사업의 평가에 관한 연구: 춘성 시범사업평가를 중심으로
김정순, 박영수, 박재용, 정문호, 정해원, 김진원, 김덕성
An evaluation study on the Chunseong community health program
J.S Kim, Y.S Park, J.Y Park, M.H Chung, H.W Chung, J.W Kim, D.S Kim
An evaluative research was carried out on Chunseong community health program by teaching staff and doctoral students taking the course “application of epidemiology in health service researches” 1980. The objectives of the study were to learn how to evaluate health programs through field practice, to make the results feed-back to the further program planning, and to provide an example of case study of evaluative research for the course. The Chunseong community health program has been established and maintained by the School of Public Health, Seoul National University from 1972 with three objectives, namely demonstration of a model for comprehensive rural community health program, field training of health related professionals (mainly students of public health, medical, dental, and nursing schools), and conduction of researches to support the program, Since the program objectives were neither subdivided to each level (ultimate, intermediate, and immediate) nor described underlying assumptions, there was no alternatives but using the face validity and consensual validity as evaluation criteria. The materials utilized for the study were the program records, research papers done in the program area, and several reports of the program published by the school. Also interview survey was conducted purposefully on students of public health school before and after the field practice, on patients visited the program medical clinic, on community leaders and randomly selected general population in order to evaluate the program in various aspects. The study scheme followed the principles of evaluation proposed by Suchman and Elton in terms of effort, performance, adequacy of performance, efficiency, and process. The evaluation of the Chunseong community health program yielded the conclusion that the program has been successful to achieve its objectives according to the conclusion that the program has been successful to achieve its objectives according to the results obtained and presented in the text.


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