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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1988;10(2): 219-229.
전국 남자 중.고등학교 학생의 흡연실태
서일, 이해숙, 손명세, 김일순, 신동천, 최영이
A study on cigarette smoking of male students in middle and high school in Korea
Il Suh, Hae Sook Lee, Myongsei Sohn, Il Soon Kim, Dong Choun Shin, Young Yee Choi
In order to examine the smoking rate, knowlege and attitude on smoking of male students attending middle and high school in Korea a study was performed at the period between July 11 and July 23, 1988. In each grade 10 classes were sampled and surveyed and the total number of respondents was 3,437. The results were as follows; 1. Proportion of current smoker among middle school students was less than 3%, but it was increased very rapidly among high school students. So proportion of smoker was 9.5%, 19.1% and 40.4% among first second and third grade students respectively. Proportion of ex-smoker was 16.9% among middle school students and 28.1% among high school students. Proportion of current smoker and ex-smoker were significantly higher among students in city than students in rural area. 2. Proportion of smoker and ex-smoker among students who had smoker in their family were significantly higher than those who had no smoker in their family. 3. Most frequent motivation to smoking was “from curiosity(40.0%)” among smokers in middle school and “to release stress(31.0%)” among smokers in high schools. 4. The proportion of smokers who smoke a cigarette regularly was 31.3% among smokers in middle school and 51.7% among smokers in high school. Sixty percent of smokers in middle school smoked less than 5 cigarettes per day and 76.0% of smokers in high school smoked less than 10 cigarettes per day. 5. Almost all respondents(99.1% in middle school, 98.8% in high school) knew about the harmful effect of cigarette smoking on health and cigarette smoking was regarded as undesirable behavior to 79.5% of middle school students and 49.3% of high school students. 6. Most smokers(63.3% in middle school, 73.8% in high school) wanted to quit smoking due to the harmful effect of cigarette smoking on health. So family factors were found to be significantly correlated with smoking students. A effective method to release stress and to quit smoking should to be suggested for students.


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