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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 2000;22(2): 159-170.
The Analysis of the Correlation of Diabetes Mellitus Incidence and Prevalence with Body Mass Index among Adults Registered in a Health Promotion Center of a University Hospital.
Sang Hoon Ahn, Jung Soon Kim
Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University.
BACKGROUND: The prevalence and incidence of diabetes mellitus in Korea are higher than western countries. Despite the fact that obesity is an important risk factor of DM, western obesity criteria by BMI level has been used in Korea, which was based on the data derived from the western people having higher average body mass index(BMI) and lower DM incidence than Koreans. Therefore, this study was performed to find out the BMI level, at which point the risk of developing DM increases and its incidence per year.
13,301 men and women who visited the Health Promotion Center at Seoul National University Hospital between March 1, 1995 and February 28, 1999 were studied. Factors attributable to DM including BMI were investigated. BMI was categorized in detail to find out the critical point of BMI with increased DM. The incidence of DM per year was investigated by analysing the cohort consisting of people who have visited the center more than once.
The risk factors of DM revealing significant statistical association were age, systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglyceride and BMI. The age-sex adjusted odds ratio at BMI 24.0 was 1.950(95% CI 1.089~3.492) compared to the reference BMI(<21.0) when applying the current diagnostic criteria of DM(140mg/dl), and it was 1.635(95% CI 1.018~2.627) at BMI 22.0 by the new criteria of DM(126mg/dl). Crude incidence rate of DM was 0.9% by the current criteria and 2.1% by the new criteria.
Current WHO obesity criteria by BMI that we use in Korea should be readjusted(the criteria of overweight lowered from BMI 25.0 to 24.0, and obesity from 30.0 to 27.0 for Koreans), particularly in the aspect of prevention of DM for Korean people. Crude incidence rate of DM was 0.9%, much higher than that of western people, which calls for national concern on prevention and management of DM.
Keywords: Prevalence and incidence of DM; Risk factors of DM; Body mass index; Overweight/obesity
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